Name badge – eChooser (Badge Butler)

Choose your name badge with confidence ..

We have developed this website to help you to choose a type and style of name badge to match your particular requirements.

By asking you a few questions, you will be able to filter out all the badge types that are not suitable for you. You then have an option to choose and submit to us a couple of badges that you like the look of. We will then get back to you to fine tune the details before offering you a no obligation quotation.


Try the badge butler process here:

More information, if interested:

As a manufacturer that offers widest choice of badges in the UK, we appreciate that choosing a name badge for your organisation is not easy. We hope and believe that this website will help you to do this. The practical side of choosing a name badge often determines the way a badge finally looks. Instead of bogging you down with detail, this website will ask you a few questions such as whether you would like a self-naming badge or a permanently named one, whether you are looking for a metallic styled badge or plain coloured one, whether you are looking for a robust badge or a budget equivalent, and whether you want the badge flat or dome printed. This is the serious and hard part over with!

After you have made your choices we offer you a selection of badges that fits your requirements,  you can select the appropriate background to put your badge in context (formal male, Informal male, formal female, informal female, or plain) and then select a couple of badges that have the right look-and-feel for you.

Once you have emailed us your badges choices to us, and having discussed the types of fittings that your require, we are then able create a design for you without obligation.

Henry Ford of the Ford Motor company once said that “you can have any colour as long as it is black

We have always believed the opposite – the choice is yours!