Conference & ID Badges

Nameholders (our acetate conference badges) are ideal for busy people managing small conferences and meetings. They are super lightweight, reusable and robust. Designed to be as Eco friendly as possible, avoiding the use of glues and adhesives where possible and with all parts being readily disassembled for recycling.

Nameholders are supplied with perforated laser paper and a template to help you to print off your own badges. We can also pre-print your logo for you if you require. Perforated paper can be ordered separately in order that the badges can be reused as required. Coloured paper is also available on some sizes.

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Environmental note:  

We are very keen that you re-use your badges. Unfortunately these types of badges are often considered to be disposable and are thrown away after one use. We have therefore, made the badges as lightweight and robust as possible so you can get the maximum benefit from these badges with the minimum amount of material waste. Our fittings are also integrated into the badges without adhesives so that the materials can be separated easily. Fittings attached by adhesives are also less robust.

Nameholders are available with a pocket, pin or clip fitting and come in various sizes shown below. Laser paper is supplied as standard.

Nameholder sizes and styles:

  • Pocket 75×25, 75x50mm
  • Pin 75×25, 75×50, 80×60, 100x65mm
  • Clip 75×50, 80×60, 100x65mm

Click here for a 2021 Nameholder Leaflet (pdf) for detailed images and sizes, prices and terms.

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Snap Fit Badges

Similar to a nameholder in as much as it is a self naming badge with laserpaper inserts; Different in as much as it is a polyproplyene moulded plastic badge with a hard moulded clear lens. Comes with a large selection of fittings including lanyards.

Click here for a Snap Fit leaflet (pdf) showing also the versatility of the different fittings.

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Lanyards, Reels and ID card holders

You can also order, personalised Card Holders, Reels, Lanyards, and DIY self-sealing ID badges.

Click here for an ID badge holder and Accessories leaflet (pdf).

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