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Season’s Greetings

A letter from Wilfred Fattorini to his son Tom in June 1986 in response to a letter written to him by Mrs Edith Illingworth, a member of the Skipton staff,  referring to card that she had received from his father Thomas Fattorini in 1915.

Link here to : Letter from Mrs E Illingworth to Wilfred Fattorini

A letter from Wilfred to his son Tom in response:

Link here to : Wilfred Fattorini’s reply to Mrs Illingworth

The card in question:

The Poem:

If I knew you, and you knew me,
Then never should we disagree
But find the more we understand,
With grip the firmer, hand to hand,
That each intends to do what’s right,
And treat each other “honour bright”
How little to explain there’d be
If I knew you, and you knew me.