Flag Badges, friendship flag badges and flag cufflinks

If you are looking for a flag badges, friendship flag badges, or flag cufflinks  – you can configure and order these online by visiting  our 1st-badge website here or via the button below:

If you are looking to personalise your badge with your company logo, we can also do this by contacting us using the email link. below

Flag related badges on offer on 1st-Badge are:

  • Friendship flag badges. Over 250 countries offering almost 65,000 combinations.  Reach out at international sporting events such as Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games. Cross cultural.
  • Flag badges for English countries and kingdoms . e.g Wessex, Yorkshire, Mercia…
  • Circular flag badges – domed
  • Swiss flag badge (Only flag that is square!)
  • Cufflinks where you can choose separate country for each arm – if you so wish.
  • and others