Basic name badges

The simplest basic name badges are metal and plastic panel badges. The principal difference being the materials that they are made from which is usually dictated by the aesthetics of the badge and its function. The metal panel badges can be bent so not ideal for those working as care working professionals or in rough and tumble environments, but they are eye catching so ideal for those working hospitality sector.

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Plastic panel badges

  • can be moulded to a particular colour
  • moulded in antimicrobial plastics, if you require
  • be any shape – we have a large library of standard shapes; for non standard shapes we will need a little extra work which may add a modest premium to the price
  • are fairly robust

Metal panel badges

  • available in white, gold, chrome, brushed and mirror finish
  • less robust but more bling!
  • can be any shape – but we may need to commission some tooling

If you are not sure what type of basic panel name badge will suit your requirement, we have a dedicated website to help. If of interest, please visit ourĀ  Badge Butler Website. We can also handle your whole enquiry from there.

If you are looking for a customised badge for your exact needs, then look here