FAQ – Namebadges by Fattorini

Do you mould your own badges?

Our very first plastic namebadges we designed were moulded for us by a specialist. In the 1960s we purchased some moulding machines and have been moulding our name badges and or fittings ever since. We can mould at a colour of your choice. Our Birmingham factory help us with the tooling – so all locally made.

Can your namebadges be recycled?

Yes. We can regrind and remould most of our plastic badges and use the regrind 

for coloured badges.

Are your namebadges designed for recycling?

As best we can. We actively discourage the use of adhesives & foam pads for assembling the fittings and discourage acrylic doming. Foam pads and doming materials make the badges impossible to recycle. Our printing is robust enough not to be domed, and our fittings are attached ultrasonically, without the need for adhesives or alternative materials.

See also our

If you are not sure what type of name badge you need then try our Badge Butler website which was designed to help you choose.  You can also handle your whole query from there

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