Name badges & Pin Badges

Are you looking for a better looking quality name badge or pin badge that lasts? Do you need your order to be handled with care? If so, you have come to the right place…

We have a factory entirely dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of quality namebadges, ID badges, corporate name badges and we even mould our own fittings. The choice is yours…

Our motto is to ‘make it once and to make it well’. Quality and design is important to us; we want our products to last.

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The following websites may also help you:

eShop – for purchasing Conference badges & perforated paper, basic badges, friendship flag badges & badge accessories


eChooser – for those who need help in choosing the right name badge to suit their needs
or if you prefer feel free to contact us direct


A video inside our factory ..


Brief History

Thomas Fattorini were pioneers of the plastic name badges, transitioning in 1964 from reusable metal name badges that they were manufacturing at that time. It was then that the name badge division was established.

See time line :

1964 New badge born • Fattorini

1980 Computers OMG • Fattorini

We offer a free bespoke design service with the aim of ensuring your name badge is is finely tuned to your brand’s needs. We can offer you an enormous choice of styles including : sizes, materials, fittings, etc..

We service small and large companies, from local farm shops to large corporations operating internationally. For larger organisations we can offer a variety of bespoke order processing and delivery solutions.


  • 100% UK made in our factory. We mould our own badges and fittings also
  • We offer a recycling service.  Badges can be reground.
  • We aim to offer you the most eco friendly badges possible. We can offer, but would not suggest that you specify,  fittings with adhesive pads and resin doming in the badges as they make them impossible to recycle!