Illuminated Scrolls & Certificates

With the earliest surviving illuminated scrolls dating back to 400 AD, vellum scrolls, parchments and codices have been our greatest source of historical record.

Even today, the most important documents such as acts of parliament are printed on vellum for archival purposes. Illuminated scrolls are often typically presented to honoured individuals or groups for exemplary service to their community

Combining heraldic artistry, illumination and calligraphy with the finest vellum or fabriano parchment, each scroll is uniquely handcrafted by our master heraldic artist to express the esteem of the benefactor.

Illuminated scrolls are normally presented in beautiful bespoke caskets, or can be mounted in a frame to suit.

Our designers and craftsmen have a wealth of experience and we will be delighted to discuss your requirements without obligation.