product badgemakers

Product & Automotive badgemakers

Whether it’s a car or a cooker, furniture or fashion wear, a badge or nameplate can enhance your product and promote your brand.

We manufacture a variety of products such as vehicle tread plates, interior and exterior trim, badges, labels, decals & tags for premium branded products and their packaging.

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As a 1st tier supplier to many different industries, we know how to deliver consistent quality with on time delivery. Our team will help you with design and rapid prototyping through to final product, whether in plastic, metal, volume production or individual commissions, we have the experience and capability that you can rely on.

Product branding is first visual impression a customer gets of your company and its products – we’ll make sure it’s the right one.

Our aim is to produce badges that will last longer than the products that they go onto and made from materials that are fully recyclable. Although we are able to offer and do manufacture metal plated plastics, we would discourage this, as these products are uneconomical to recycle and will end up in landfill.