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Arabian Delight – a new factory..

King Faisal Charitable Foundation together with Fattorini & Llewellen Ltd

Thomas Fattorini Ltd was asked by the King Faisal Charitable Foundation together with the Architects David Llewellyn to construct a factory in the New Industrial Estate, south of the Capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Their reply

Artist Impression of the factory. see also Plan & Elevation

The factory was designed to produce badges, trophies and gifts for the domestic market. A new temporary company, Fattorini Llewellyn Ltd, was set up to build the factory and equip it with the latest machinery. Thomas Fattorini finally sent their production manager as an interim manager to set up the operation and the management of the plant and its employees.

Photo of the building site entrance
Photo of completed building
Photo of reception under construction
Photo of part of the factory interior

As with all new endeavours, there were a few teething problems starting up. Production manager’s Report

The Company printed its first leaflet illustrating the types of products that it was capable of making.

The MESIGO logo in 1980

The new company was called The Metal, Silver & Golden Industries Co. Ltd (Mesigo). It is still active today specialising in the design and manufacture of presentation gifts and “Sharatt” or Arabic for Emblems.   See www.sharatt.com