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The company was founded in 1827 by Antonio Fattorini an Italian speaking immigrant who settled in Yorkshire where he established a number of retail outlets specialising in jewellery, watches and fancy goods including barometers.

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One of the branches that was based in Skipton, Yorkshire, decided to set up a dedicated factory in Birmingham to take advantage of the demand for badges and medals to sports clubs (especially the Football Association clubs). By 1927 this factory was too small and the company relocated to Regent Street Works. The range of products also widened to include sporting cups and trophies, Insignia for Associations, Civic Authorities and National Governments, emblematic jewellery including cufflinks, tieslides, brooches, bracelets, pendants, necklets, silver and gold wear including coffee pots, dishes, commemorative and collectors pieces, medallions, medals and museum replicas. In the 1980’s the company started to manufacture ceremonial swords for graduation gifts, replicas and parade swords. Today the company exports throughout the world from National Governments to private individuals with the same exacting standards being as important today as they were in the 1800’s.

In 1964 a branch was opened in Manchester initially to do enamelling as it was quite impossible to get staff in Birmingham due to labour shortages in the motor industry and other booming Midland industries. The Manchester branch grew to become the centre for the design, development and manufacture of plastic badges. A patent taken out for the first badge, named the “Personal Badge”, has now expired and after 30 years is still being copied. Today this factory produces the widest variety of plastic name badges in the country, and is determined to maintain its place at the head of the competition by continuing to improve its products and techniques, the skills of its staff, and the services offered to its customers.

Together with the Birmingham and Manchester factories, the company also has a sales office in the City of London to service the greater London area.

Mr. Greg Fattorini is the present Managing Director of the company he being the 6th generation of the Fattorini family to manage the business.






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Importance of design

An extremely important part of our business is the attention we have always paid to the design process.

Regardless of the product or service selected, our design departments in our Manchester and Birmingham factories are more than capable of addressing your needs.

Our aim has always been to “make it once and make it well” so our products are designed to give lasting pleasure, with lasting memories, hopefully for multiple lifetimes.