Ceremonial Maces and Staffs

Since the 13th century, the ceremonial mace, rod and staff was synonymous with authority, prestige and power. They were originally derived from basic weapons such as the axe and club.

Today the Governments, councils together with Sergeant at Arms and Mace Bearers keep this ceremonial tradition to “lay down arms” in order to create a more neutral and balanced environment when meeting; an early stage of an evolving democratic process.

Over the centuries the mace became much more decorative.

Maces are in use to this day by universities, councils and parliaments around the world as symbols of jurisdiction, authority and independence.

Maces can be designed to be traditional looking or more contemporary. Hopefully the few illustrated here of University Maces, Council Maces and Governmental maces will give you a good idea of what we can do for you..

For further information on maces you may wish to view the following leaflet:
University Maces leaflet (pdf)