Opportunities at Thomas Fattorini

Designer-Makers : Artist-Craftsmen : Emblematic Jewellers*

A 195 year old family run and owned manufacturing business based over three sites in the UK. We specialise in the design and manufacture of beautifully crafted bespoke items in all materials from precious metals to plastics and notably for emblematic jewellery, state and civic insignia, national honours, ceremonial swords, trophies and medals. We also have a division specialising in the design and manufacture of plastic name badges, school badges and awards.

Our aim is to “make it once and make it well”. Our products are therefore designed to give lasting pleasure, with lasting value, hopefully for multiple lifetimes.


Application form

If you have been asked to download and complete an application form, please:

  • Download a PDF application form : here.pdf ;   or editable Microsoft (c) Excel file : here.xlsx
  • Email to : opportunities@fattorini.co.uk,  or send to : Job Applications, Thomas Fattorini Ltd, Regent St, Birmingham B1 3HQ

Thank you for considering our company.