Design and name your own Name badges

This website allows you to design and order your own name badge if that is what you prefer.

Web link to Ist Badge - Design your own name badge

Some of us just want to DIY, so this link will direct you to a page on our 1st-badge website where you will be able to design you own Namebadge

Currently you are able to :

  • Choose a badge frame colour
  • Upload your own logos, images and patterns. You can also pick from a library of over 450 stock symbols listed in various categories if you prefer
  • Add text fields in the fonts and sizes of your choice
  • Add a name list and upload this to us
  • Save and amend your design for a later date (you will need to set up an account with us to do this)
  • Download a preview in PDF format to keep as a record

The editing tools will allow you to :

  • Enlarge/reduce, stretch/compress, rotate all objects (i.e Text and Images)
  • Group/ungroup your objects
  • Layer your objects on top of each other (one of them might be a background texture)
  • Change the opacity of your objects

If you follow this link you will be able to start the process of designing your own name badges.

As the page is linked to our 1st-badge e-commerce website you wil also able to order your badges directly from us without fuss, if that is what you wish to do.