Namebadge Label Templates

All our self naming badges are supplied with perforated laser paper and do not require special software to name your own badges.

This page is where you can download the appropriate Microsoft Word Template to make this process easier for you. These templates are blank for you to enter your contents manually as you see fit, amending the format and style as appropriate. 

If you intend to mail merge your data, you will need to set up a label template and save it first before you can use it. This is the best route if you frequently use our labels. Please find our simple instructions here : Print Label Instructions (pdf)

On the larger badges where there is space, we can pre-print your logo for you if you require. Perforated paper can also be ordered separately in order that the badges can be reused as required. Coloured paper is also available on some badges.


Please feel free to contact us if you need help


Nameholders (Acetate conference badges)

Click here for 2017 Nameholder leaflet (pdf) for prices and terms.

Snap-Fit (Moulded conference badges)

Click here for a Snap Fit leaflet (pdf)


Slim-Line namebadges

Click here for a Slim-Line Badge leaflet (pdf)


Universal (U Series) Window namebadges

Click here for a Universal Badge leaflet (pdf)


Versatile (V series)  namebadges

Snap Fit Badge Templates


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