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Wilfred Fattorini Diary - 21st November 1977

Wilfred Fattorini (1903-1992) typed out a diary most weeks on a Sunday to record events, primarily changes he observed in his garden. Today is the 21st November 1977 in the year of HM Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee.

On special occasions he would also write a “Special occasional diary" which he did on this day too (See below)

"Occasional diary" - 21st November 1977.  Mentions:

  >  Moving into the Bell Tower at Skipton Castle
  >  Castle's Silver Jubilee celebrations
  >  Sending a scion of the yew tree planted in 1695 to Windsor as a gift to Her Majesty
  >  Appointment of the first non-family director

"Special occasional diary" - 21st November 1977

  >  150th Anniversary celebrations of Thomas Fattorini Ltd


The "egg" mentioned

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