Civic Insignia, Regalia and Chains of Office

For over 100 years we have designed and manufactured pendants, chains of office and fine regalia such as maces, staffs and various civic gifts for parish, town, city and district councils, associations, and universities - nationally and internationally.

Our aim is to provide the finest insignia and regalia that befits the position of the wearer, whether the individual is representing a city, council, or a local parish adding gravitas and dignity to any event.

The importance of being noticed and identified, by the media, by members and by citizens has never been more important in this age. An appropriately designed badge of office is a very cost effective way of achieving this, so that when you are noticed, you can make your voice heard on behalf of your members or citizens.

We enjoy designing and making insignia to your exacting requirements, and as experts in this craft we are very able to assist you in producing a badge of office, pendant or chain of office which will bring dignity and pride to your office. We are able to maintain, refurbish and modify your regalia as required in order that your heritage is preserved.

If you are looking for a traditional coat of arms, we will be happy to liaise with the College of Arms on your behalf. 


Civic Insignia, Regalia and Chains of Office

Replica Pendant with precious stones Past Officers Civic Gifts Pendant for a Chairman of an Association
Pendant for Mayor, Mayoress Mayorial Chain of Office Pendant for a Chair of a County Council Badge of office for an Association

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