Automotive Badges

As first tier suppliers of badges and trim to some of the worlds most prestigious car makers, we understand the need for consistent quality and delivery, while still retaining the ability to produce unique pieces of automotive jewellery.  Typically this would include:

  • Brightware and vehicle trim -  engine badges, bonnet/hood badges, boot/trunk badges, fender badges, sill plates, side strake badges and vent badges.
  • decals, engine plates, tread plates and plaques
  • vehicle mascots.

When it comes to the personalisation of vehicle brightware, we are able to combine traditional craftsmanship with CAD CAM and other contemporary manufacturing processes.

Our production regularly works in a wide variety of materials, from stainless steel to hallmarked precious metals and stones. We also offer a wide range of durable decorative finishes and specialise in the use of vitreous enamel, renowned for its vibrant colours, colour stability and durability.   We can receive your data in a variety of formats or you could utilise our own design team to create something entirely unique for you.

Automotibe badges & Brightware by Fattorini

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